It's Ok* Studios


It’s Ok* Studios, is a new independent Black-led and operated, interdisciplinary, multipurpose arts space, that will open its doors in Toronto’s historic Queen West Neighbourhood this summer. Transformed from a vacant retail building in the historic Queen West district, the space will be a hub for artistic growth and development, a vibrant gathering place for Toronto’s Black artistic community. This space is developed and managed by It’s Ok*, a successful performance series and collaborative led by cultural programmers Said Yassin and Chris Wilson.


The contributions of Black artists to culture in Toronto are priceless. From the Caribbean diasporas’ impacts on music, language, and food, to the early days of hip-hop, and through incredible multi-media, award winning productions and exhibits, to musicians consistently topping charts around the world.

The arts and culture sector in Toronto has been the hardest hit through the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, space was already at a premium, and with lockdowns, the sector has been one of the slowest to recover. At the same time the realities of anti-Black racism have gained mainstream attention, the pandemic has made it harder for Toronto’s Black artistic community to gather, create, and to support one another.


It’s Ok* Studios is creating a space for Black artists to invest in themselves and the community, and make art with unbridled self-expression. When fully operational, the Studio’s main 10,000 square-foot space will include a gallery, photo studio, social gathering space, and a flexible venue for projects such as installations, interactive works, and events. The space will host rotating programs focusing on the concept and development of work from Black grassroots emerging artists and musicians, and developmental workshops for creatives to gain valuable skills and insights on creating and sustaining a creative practice.